Kickstarter Pick of the Week – Petopia : The Backyard War

Petopia : The Backyard War

by Crafterwar

Fast-paced card game up to 8 players set in the war of dogs and cats. Setup trap and fight against others to be the winner of backyard.

Petopia is a fast-paced, trapping and bluffing card game that a winner is the person who scores the goal of this game. You can choose your representative between dog or cat, who fights to win in the backyard. You take each turn by drawing your cards and collect them to protect yourself from other players. However, we cannot guarantee that you can survive until the end of the game. Many types of traps are waiting for you. You could not know that it is sharp, thorn or sweet candy. So, no one is able to know the future that who will become a winner of this battle and will be the king of backyard.

All players will perform as dog or cat according to their desires. Then, they need to draw a card and set some traps to make competitors lose their health points. Following the rules, you have to tell your opponents some details of those traps that you set up. For example, types of those traps (real trap or fake trap). Moreover, each player needs to bluff and challenge other players to remove the set-up traps or decide to keep those traps there. In case that your opponents remove the real trap, they will not lose any health point. Nevertheless, If they make a wrong decision by keeping them or remove the fake one, they will lose their health points. In the latter case, the player (yourself) who sets up the traps will earn the health point instead. Please see the full description of this game by reading in the later part. (How to play section)

Keep in mind that you should not trust anyone but should be aware of what others keep saying. The real relationship might not exist on this backyard.

Sample cards
Sample cards

Starter Pack (3 – 5 players)

  • 66 action cards
  • 20 tokens
  • 1 booklet

Expansion Pack (up to 8 people.)

  • 30 action cards
  • 20 All new special action cards
  • 28 tokens
  • 1 booklet

Players are able to join up to 8 people. More over Expansion deck will suit you more with challenging game and get more fun. We add more action card and special card (new design and ability) in this deck, By having these cards, You might easily become a winner or suddenly swap to be the loser in this game.


A winner needs to achieve the scores as equivalent to the targeted score.

How to set up a game

  • All cards will be shuffled and distributed 5 cards per each player.
  • Every player will get the health-token depends on the number of players. For example, 3-5 people will receive 4 tokens per person while 6-8 players will get 6 tokens for each player.

During your turn….What should you do?

  • Draw 1 card from the deck
  • You can set up only 1 trap to other players.
  • You can spend only 1 action card.
Trap Card
Trap Card


There are two phases (Drawing and Action Phases) per one round.

  • During Drawing Phase, players take turns to draw cards from the deck. However, players are not allowed to hold more than eight cards per turns. In case that the players have more than eight cards in hands, they are not permitted to draw additional cards until discard some of their holding cards first.
  • For another phase, which is called as Action Phase, players can use one trap card to set up a trap for other players. (This is not a must, so players can decide to use or not use the trap card.) Moreover, players can use or leave one effect card. (Players are allowed to spend only one effective card as the maximum.)

When using one trap card to trap one of the players in a game, person who is gotten the trap card will has a rights to challenge that card immediately. Moreover, there will be two possibilities between:

  • If that player challenges the card as a trap card and it is a real trap card as predicted, that player will survive the trap without losing any HP. However, if it is just a fake trap card, 3 HP of that player will be deducted and transferred to the trap card installer.
  • If that player challenges the card as a fake trap card and it is a fake trap card as predicted, that player will survive the trap without losing any HP. However, if it is a real trap card, HP that shown in trap card will be deducted from that player and transferred to the trap card installer.

Card can be categorized in two types as :

Trap Card: This card needs to be turned over in front of the selected opponent. The card will be automatically worked when player challenge this card and can be divided into two sub-types as: Real trap card and Fake trap card.

Trap Card
Trap Card

Action Card : Card that can be used immediately when the Action Phase of that player arrives. This card will be promptly operated such as Backward Card, Skip Card, Swap Card, Special Card

Action Card
Action Card

Quick Card : Card that can be used at any time such as Defense Card, Stop card, etc.

Quick Card
Quick Card

Health point of each player

  • At the beginning, each player has 5 health point (6-8 players will has 6 health point per person.)
  • When health point of any player turns to be zero, that player cannot continue on this game.

The first player who is able to collect the points that reach the target of the goal is praised as a winner of the game.

  • For 3-5 players, person who can collect 10 health point will be a winner.
  • For 6-8 players, person who can collect 12 health point will be a winner.

While other players’ turns…

  • You can use Quick cards on your hands as much as you prefer.

Petopia was founded by Mr. Panat and Mr. Rungthum while illustrated by Smaisiam. Our expectation is to design a funny and lovely card game that still lets the game lovers feel very excited as they are in a part of a war. Dogs and cats are raised to be the main story of this game because we truly believe that they are our closed friends and become another part of our family. Let’s try this game, it is quite friendly and easy to understand. Especially, it is very convenient that allows you to carry the game to share with your beloved relatives and friends at any time and anywhere. A goal of Petopia is to delight you. This will be happened if Petopia receives your interest and support.

Please follow us via:

 First stretch goal : 200 Backers

All players enter into the war with one trusty partner that you can choose from cats or dogs. Moreover your partner has a skill to help you win this war. By using partner’s skill at the beginning of your turn instead of drawing a card from the deck as normal. For example, exchange 1 health point for drawing more 3 cards from deck; players are asked to draw 1 card from other players in that game , etc. All players will play a lot of strategy and get more fun with these skills.

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