In Case You Missed This. . . (Video Games Edition)

In case you missed… is a collection of posts and videos that bring you the news that I’m excited for in the world of TV, Movies, Video Games and Toys.

As we get closer to E3 (or Electronic Entertainment Expo) which is coming up on June 16-18, more and more Video Games news is starting to roll out and these are some of my favorite stories from this past week.

This week we got some Exciting news from Dinsey Interactive, Kickstarter video games is so popular right now and new Assassin’s Creed is announced.

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In Case You Missed This. . . (Toys Edition)

This is a new post coming out every Wednesday (hopefully) that showcases stories that I’m excited for and that you might have missed, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

This past weekend was the New York Toy Fair and this past year I have gotten more into toy collection with my love for Funko Pop Heroes Collection (both my gf and I are huge fans). So with that in mind I now paid more attention to the figures that come out this year and this year’s New York Toy Fair was huge in Funko news.

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